Why hybrid work is the best solution for now!

November 17, 2021

November 17, 2021

November 17, 2021

We posted a poll a week ago on LinkedIn and asked our followers what generation makes the majority of their employees. We weren’t surprised by the results; with just above 20% of employees being part of generation X, almost 70% being millennials (on Forbes it’s 75%) and the last 10% being generation Z.

It makes sense that the majority of millennials create our workforce, they are of the right age. Understanding the workforce’s needs might help with creating a better work experience for them. As companies continue to figure out what’s next in terms of what the workplace looks like for their team, taking a deeper look at who is actually making up the workforce should be a priority.

While there is still a mix of generations that currently make up the workforce, this changes from one industry to the other or even by company and will continue to change as years progress. Mixing everyone together in one culture to create diverse teams can pose a challenge. Most of the time we fail to tackle the hard questions of what creates the right workplace for each generation. How do you help meet the needs of a multi-generational team? Let’s first take a closer look at each generation.

Technically four generations are present in the workforce, but as the poll results reflect there is 1 majority and 2 minorities.

  • Baby Boomers (1946-1964): See the workplace and their job as an intricate part of their being and are motivated by being good at what they do and by the recognition (and salary) they get.

  • Gen X (1965-1980): The “get shit done” generation appreciate some flexibility to be part of decision making, having growth opportunities and make the majority of our managers today. They are open for change but aren’t always trusting of others.

  • Millennials (1981-1996): Raised on tech, on the internet, on mobile phones, are the first generation to thrive on change and like being challenged. They look at work as something that fits into their life and want to move along with it rather than stay stagnant.

  • Gen Z (after 1996) are non-conformists, they take pride in being progressed, thinking outside the box and care about their values and other causes. Work wise they are happy to work individually but want to be part of a bigger team.

Each generation has gone through very different world matters that have shaped their point of view and working style. The pandemic has undeniably been the latest big change in how we work. Forcing all us to find new solutions to our workplace attendance and hence our methods of collaboration and productivity.

xThe office has been shifted and stretched in terms of physical and virtual borders. The best way to accommodate a multi-generation workforce is to give each group options. A hybrid work setup can facilitate the needs of each generation in some capacity. Allow those that thrive in the office to come-in and work while providing remote and work from home (or anywhere) employees the right tools and tech to stay connected.

This allows all generations to find comfort in the new unstable situation and keeps your company culture intact. Making sure the office becomes a hub for social meetups - ideas and knowledge sharing even more than before.

If you’re currently struggling to motivate your employees, or find the right hybrid setup for your company, get in touch with us and we’d be happy to find the right solution for you.