Product release 01.09.23 - Yoffix QR-codes

Product release 01.09.23 - Yoffix QR-codes

Yoffix Introduces QR Code Check-in & Booking: A Seamless Approach to Office Space Management

We are announcing a groundbreaking new feature that brings even more convenience and efficiency to its users: QR Code Check-ins and Bookings.

Building upon their robust platform, this latest enhancement is set to transform the way companies manage their office spaces.With an increased shift towards hybrid work models, the challenge of efficiently managing office spaces has been paramount. Recognizing this, Yoffix has integrated a user-friendly QR code system that simplifies the process of reserving and checking into desks.Key Features Include:

  • Admin Panel for Seat Naming: Admins can effortlessly name each seat in the office, allowing for better organization and identification.

  • Easy QR Code Generation and Printing: For every named seat, a unique QR code can be generated and printed right from the platform.

  • Instant Check-in Via QR Code: Employees simply scan the QR code with their phone camera upon arrival and confirm their booking. Gone are the days of tedious manual check-ins!

  • Spontaneous Reservations: Even if an employee hasn’t booked in advance, they can easily scan a QR code at any open seat to reserve it instantly, ensuring that they have a space even on the busiest of days.

Yoffix QR-Codes for Check-in