Product release 05.10.23 - Update to Personio API

Product release 05.10.23 - Update to Personio API

Yoffix, is excited to announce an automatic upgrade to its existing integration with the Personio API.

Effective immediately for all clients, the system now allows for the importing of absences created on start/end half days, further streamlining workforce management.

Updated Feature:
Improved Personio API Integration—Automatically Enabled for All Clients

The enhancement to our Personio API integration now automatically includes the importing of absences registered for start/end half days. This update is automatically enabled for all clients, ensuring immediate benefits without any required action.


  • Automatic Data Synchronization: All clients will see immediate improvements in data accuracy and automation, as absences for half days recorded in Personio are automatically imported into [Your Product Name].

  • Zero User Intervention Required: This feature is automatically activated for all existing clients, reducing manual work and allowing teams to focus on more strategic tasks.

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