Product release 01.03.24 - Calendar Upgrade

Product release 01.03.24 - Calendar Upgrade

We upgraded Yoffix Calendar to offer you an integrated office workplace & meeting experience and full transparency about your bookings.

Feature Highlights:

  • Integrated Meeting Events in Calendar: Users can now seamlessly view their meeting schedules, including detailed information about the event room, description, and attendance status, all within the Yoffix calendar. This integration aims to streamline day-to-day planning and enhance team coordination.

  • Real-Time Attendance Status: The feature provides real-time updates on who will be attending meetings, offering clarity and improving meeting preparedness. Users can quickly ascertain the status of their meetings, including confirmed attendees, pending invitations, and declinations.

  • Comprehensive Event Details: Beyond just seeing when and where meetings will take place, users gain access to a wealth of information directly from their calendar view. This includes the meeting’s purpose, agenda, and any specific instructions or notes added by the organizer.