Our integration with Personio allows you to keep track of employee attendance data in one place effortlessly.

What do we synchronize from Personio and when?

Once the integration is configured, statuses from Personio will be transferred to Yoffix automatically (please refer to the next section to find out which Personio statuses correspond to which statuses in Yoffix). Yoffix treats Personio as a higher-priority source, so if an employee has a Personio status that conflicts with a booking in Yoffix, the booking in Yoffix will be overridden.

Personio → Yoffix statuses

  • paid_vacation - "not available" (sub-status: vacation)

  • offsite_work - "remote"

  • sick_leave - "not available" (sub-status: sick leave)

  • maternity_protection_period - "not available"

  • parental_leave - "not available"

  • other_time_offs_statuses - "not available"

How to configure the integration

  1. In Yoffix, navigate to Settings → Integrations → User sync → Personio

  2. In your Personio account, go to Settings → API → Credentials tab → Generate new credentials

  3. Fill out the Name field and select Yoffix in the integrations list

  4. Click Generate new credential and scroll down

  5. Copy and paste Client ID and Client Secret into the appropriate fields

By default, once the integration is enabled, data is only synchronized from Personio to Yoffix. We also offer an optional synchronization from Yoffix to Personio - this must be enabled under Preferences Synchronize bookings from Yoffix.