Onboarding employees

Onboarding employees

To add employees to your corporate account, please select People Management (Employees) from the sidebar.

Yoffix people management

Employees can be added in three ways:

  • One-by-one (click Add employee)

  • By uploading a list (click Upload employees)

  • Via integrations (Personio, MS AD, etc. Please refer to the Integrations section to learn more)

If you are synchronizing employees through one of our integrations, their data (team, position) will be synchronized as well. Otherwise, you can assign these manually. You can assign one employee to multiple teams, if necessary.

Now, you can set roles for each employee, choosing between Admin, Team Lead, and User. To learn more about the difference between these roles, please refer to the FAQ section.

Once you have added employees and checked their information, you can invite them. They will not have access to the tool until you invite them. To invite users, click on the two dots next to their name on the right and select Invite.

Yoffix - invite colleagues

You can also select multiple users at once by clicking the squares to the left of their names.

Yoffix people management

If you have the SSO option enabled, you don't have to add employees to the account - they will be able to sign in by using the SSO-Login option. You can enable this option under Settings / Integrations.