Desk booking - spaces

Desk booking - spaces

In Yoffix, you can book desks in three ways - through the Calendar, through Spaces, and through QR-codes.

Desk booking in Spaces

Open the Spaces tab. This view focuses on a specific day rather than an entire week, and you will be able to take a closer look at your office here - see who is in the office, where your colleagues are sitting, and even use the search function in the top right corner to find a specific colleague.

Yoffix offers hourly desk booking so that the same desk can be utilized by several colleagues during the day, helping to further optimize office use.

The widget in the bottom left corner shows the statistics for this day.

Yoffix office plan
  • To book a desk, click on any free spot and make a reservation. As an admin, you can also make desks temporarily unavailable here

  • You can also book meeting rooms here by selecting a room and a time window

  • By clicking on the two arrows under the "-" symbol on the right, you can enter TV mode - you can open this view on a tablet or smart TV and place it at the entrance to the office

Yoffix TV mode

As admin, you can also block a desk (make it temporarily unavailable) here:

Yoffix - block a desk