Desk booking - calendar

Desk booking - calendar

In Yoffix, you can book desks in three ways - through the Calendar, through Spaces, and through QR-codes.

Desk booking in the calendar

  • To set a status or book a desk in the calendar, hover over a day and click on it

    Yoffix calendar
  • If you select Office, a window will open where you can select a time, make your booking repeatable, or add a parking spot to your booking. If you click on the office, you will see a floor plan where you will be able to select a seat. By default, our system uses a smart desk-booking algorithm that automatically selects your "favorite" seat for you based on your previous bookings. But you can also always select a different seat.

    Yoffix office day

Making a booking repeatable:

Repeatable booking
  • As an admin, you can make or delete bookings not only for yourself but also for your colleagues. You can also create team events to invite people to the office. If you create a team event, the colleagues you invited will receive a notification and their status will automatically be changed to Office.

    Book a desk for your colleague