New Feature: Yoffix SpaceScreen

February 20, 2023

February 20, 2023

February 20, 2023

Offer even more transparency on your flex office and let your employees enjoy the perfect day in the office!

We know that everyone likes to find a free seat and meet colleagues during office days - With Yoffix, you can deliver employees the best experience that will help them plan their perfect office day and will motivate them to return to the office.

With SpaceScreen, book a desk or a meeting room and easily find colleagues in the office, get an immediate overlook of which desks are utilized, and find out which days there are more or fewer colleagues in the office.

We make it flexible! - SpaceScreen comes also in TV mode. Upgrade your office with a touch screen with SpaceScreen at your reception so that all colleagues can check daily office set-ups.

Engaged employees are 27% more likely to report excellent performance. Try our new feature and keep employees engaged through office days meetings and collaboration!

Book a demo call to learn our new feature. Let’s discuss how Yoffix can help to optimize your hybrid office: