Yoffix NewWork Pioneers with Andrea Carlon

March 10, 2023

March 10, 2023

March 10, 2023

Interview with Andrea Carlon, Business Development Director of Lano

Yoffix: Dear Andrea, which is the purpose of your company?

To make remote work possible for everyone. With our global software solution we're enabling businesses to hire and pay full-time employees and contractors in over 170 countries worldwide, in full compliance and record-time.

Yoffix: What did NewWork change in your company?

Our company is born from the concept of NewWork. There has never been “old work” at Lano. Yet we thrive to make Lano a better place to work everyday.

Yoffix: A great office is…

Where you feel comfortable and productive, be that your balcony, beachside, or a work café.

Yoffix: How do you see the future of work and office?

It’s evolving and it’s evolving fast. In a people first company, our employees tell us what the future of work and office will look like!

Yoffix: Tell us one tip you would recommend to successfully manage a hybrid organisation

Listen then act! A common mistake in managing a hybrid organisation is to assume what people want. Listening directly to what your team members want not only gives you clarity, but also shows that you care.

Dear Andrea, thank you for your insightful thoughts! 
Yoffix team