Team office days - The key for a successful hybrid work model

November 14, 2022

November 14, 2022

November 14, 2022

One of the central challenges of hybrid work is to bridge two contradicting office realities - on one side provide workplace flexibility to employees to work from home and at the same time bring colleagues together on-site for a better team work, fun and productivity.

That was also initial request on the product team of Yoffix and we think we delivered here amazing job, e.g. with our TeamBookings feature. Now we are happy that companies like Audi and The University of St. Gallen confirmed our initial hypothesis on the importance of joined office days!

And we thank Audi for sharing this success story:

1-2 office days might not be enough to observe workplace attendance benefits - It’s not about having random office days! It’s about smartly bringing people together!

According to the study conducted by Audi and The University of St. Gallen weekly collaborative work in a hybrid set-up:

  • Improves performance and mental health

  • Reduces intent to quit by nearly 50%

  • Improves sense of togetherness

  • Promotes innovative ideas.

We believe that the best way to achieve good results is through smart gatherings. With Yoffix, easily set joined office days for one, or multiple teams! Enhance on-site collaboration, boost team spirit & build a dynamic work culture in your hybrid office:

  • T️eamBookings —> Invite teams to the office (with integrated desk booking function)

  • Reminders & Office Check-in —> Increase discipline in joined office planning

  • Flexible OfficeBuilder —> create team zones and allocate desks to specific team(s)

  • Attendance reports —> track teams' attendance and office day discipline

  • Space utilization report —> check which team might need more (or less) assigned desks

Bring your teams together – for better ideas, great team work and vivid corporate culture.

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