Product release 14.02.24 - Google Working Locations, Parking Spots & SpaceScreen

Product release 14.02.24 - Google Working Locations, Parking Spots & SpaceScreen

What’s New in Yoffix:

  • Manual Parking Spot Selection: Recognizing the importance of convenience in the hybrid work model, Yoffix now allows users to manually select a parking spot while booking their workstation. You can also set attributes for parking spots, e.g. spots for EV. This addition ensures that employees can plan their office days with ease, knowing that both their workspace and parking needs are seamlessly coordinated.

    Check our tutorial to learn more on managing parking spots with Yoffix (read here)

  • Google Working Locations Integration: In an industry-leading move, Yoffix has enabled integration with Google Working Locations. This feature allows for bidirectional synchronization between Yoffix and Google, facilitating a harmonious work planning experience. Now, when employees designate their working office in Google, Yoffix will automatically reserve their preferred spot in the selected location. Furthermore, this integration supports the synchronization of work statuses, including remote work and unavailability, ensuring that team availability is transparent and up-to-date.

    Check our video tutorial about Yoffix integration with Google (read here)

  • Enhanced Space Screen Experience: Yoffix has made significant enhancements to the Space Screen section, addressing and resolving issues related to memory leaks and application freezes. These improvements promise a smoother, more reliable interaction with the platform, reinforcing Yoffix’s commitment to providing a top-tier user experience.