Five tips on taking care of mental health in hybrid organizations

9. November 2022

9. November 2022

9. November 2022

Mental health is often overlooked in office and hybrid work setups.

Working from home may be tempting, but recent studies of Microsoft and McKinsey have shown that remote work may have mixed effects on well-being: not enough office days lead to employees feeling “socially isolated, guilty and trying to overcompensate”.

Employers must create a healthy environment, both physically and mentally. Promoting social interactions could help you create the perfect balance for your employees - Remember, we are social beings.️

🌟 Flexibility is Key!
Offering flexible working arrangements is one way to support employees’ mental health. It allows employees to control their schedules to some extent and also accounts for things like childcare or eldercare. Providing this type of flexibility can help employees feel more in control of their lives and less stressed about work-life balance.️

🌟 Encourage office days!
Social support is more difficult when employees work from home. Motivating employees for office days will build on their sense of productivity and connectivity, and will help managers notice when emotional support is needed. Stress will be reduced thanks to better set working hours, and emotional tights to colleagues and managers will be improved.️

🌟 Open Communication!
Encouraging open communication about mental health can help reduce the stigma around discussing these issues. Creating a safe and supportive in-person environment where employees feel comfortable talking about their mental health can go a long way in prevention and early intervention.️

🌟 Support Services
Many companies offer Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) which provide confidential counseling services for employees dealing with personal or work-related problems. These programs can be an important resource for employees struggling with their mental health.

Check out this McKinsey Health Institute test, and improve the quality of your employees mental health management:

  1. Do we effectively address toxic behaviors?

  2. Do we treat employee mental health and well-being as a strategic priority?

  3. Do we create inclusive work environments?

  4. Do we promote sustainable work?

  5. Are we holding leaders accountable?

  6. Are we effectively tackling stigma

  7. Do our resources meet employee needs?

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