Product release 17.11.23 - Office navigation & check-in process

Product release 17.11.23 - Office navigation & check-in process

Further optimization of Office navigation & check-in process

Yoffix is excited to announce the latest upgrades to its platform, designed to significantly improve the office experience for its users. These enhancements focus on easier navigation within the office and a more streamlined check-in process.

Intuitive Office Navigation with Enhanced Floor Plans:
A key update is the improved visibility of place names on the office floor plan. Managers using the Office Builder tool can now assign names to each workspace, making it easier for employees to navigate the office and locate their desired spot.

Seamless and Efficient Check-In Process:
Yoffix has also refined its check-in flow to ensure a smoother, more efficient experience:

  1. No More Double Booking: Employees are now prevented from booking seats that are already occupied, eliminating the possibility of double bookings.

  2. Instant Confirmation on QR Code Booking: When an employee books a seat using a QR code, their booking is confirmed instantly, making the process quicker and more reliable.

  3. Unavailable Seats Marked Clearly: Seats that are not available for booking will be clearly marked, ensuring employees are informed in real-time about their seating options.

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