Product release 14.11.23 - Teams sync with Azure AD

Product release 14.11.23 - Teams sync with Azure AD

User Sync with Microsoft AD - now by groups

Yoffix today announced an exciting new upgrade to its platform – the ability to synchronize users from Microsoft Active Directory (AD) not just individually, but also by groups. This enhancement marks a significant leap in the ease and efficiency of user management for clients using Yoffix.

Streamlining Hybrid Work Management:
The new functionality allows administrators to seamlessly integrate entire groups from Microsoft AD into the Yoffix system. This means that companies can now manage user permissions, access, and office resources at a group level, greatly simplifying the process and saving valuable time.Key Benefits Include:

  • Group-Based Synchronization: Easily sync user groups from Microsoft AD, streamlining user management and ensuring that team structures are reflected accurately in the Yoffix platform.

  • Improved Administration: Admins can manage groups more efficiently, adjusting permissions and access in a few clicks, offering a more agile response to changing team structures.

  • Enhanced User Experience: Users belonging to synced groups will experience a more tailored and cohesive interaction with the Yoffix system, reflecting their specific team dynamics and needs.

User Sync Microsoft AD