Yoffix NewWork Pioneers with Niao Wu

12. Dezember 2022

12. Dezember 2022

12. Dezember 2022

Interview with Niao Wu, Founder of onyo

Yoffix: Dear Niao, Which is the purpose of your company?

We want to empower and professionalize remote work for a more sustainable future: time, space, and climate. Onyo equips remote or hybrid work via a monthly B2B subscription. Our digital platform centres on users and contract management for companies to achieve higher cost efficiency and compliance.

Yoffix: What did NewWork change in your company?

We are a remote-first company and have a very flat hierarchy: Our employees are distributed in two continents and three countries, yet we share a vision and love what we do. Once a quarter we meet in person and enjoy the dedicated time for personal exchange and fun.

Yoffix: A great office is…

Where you can find the ideal condition for what you want to do at that moment. It can be a classic office, co-working space, home office, as well as on the beach!

Yoffix: How do you see the future of work and office?

With the advanced technology we are, and want to be more flexible in our work life. Working location will be more of a supporting element than a restraining factor. We might try different industries and professions throughout our life and it might never end since we always want to learn and grow.

Yoffix: Tell us one tip you would recommend to successfully manage a hybrid organization.

Trust people, let them thrive. Set up a dedicated time for team and culture regularly, in person, and create fun moments.

Dear Niao, thank you for your insightful thoughts! 
Yoffix team