Yoffix integration with Microsoft Teams

8. April 2022

8. April 2022

8. April 2022

Manage your hybrid office entirely within MS Teams

Yoffix is now seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Teams which makes managing of your hybrid offices and teams even more simple.

Within the user-friendly Yoffix interface, employees can schedule their office and home-office days or business trips, coordinate office attendance with their colleagues, book desks, meeting rooms, and parking lots directly from their MS Teams accounts. 

Workplace scheduling 

We believe that office days spent jointly with colleagues are the reasons employees are motivated to return to the office. In the hybrid work mode it is crucial to know who will be working where or easily understand where you can find your colleague today. 

With Yoffix Hybrid Schedule  colleagues can easily coordinate office days and book desks together intentionally. And when working in the office and searching for specific colleagues, they can easily be found with our smart tool.

Team leaders can also use Yoffix Team Bookings in MS Teams to invite groups of employees to the office and in the same step reserve desks for them.

Customizable office layouts

For a better desk booking experience, customizable office layouts can be created that fit best your real office setup. Yoffix office floor plans are also available in MS Teams.

Easy desk booking

Employees can book desks flexibly and select time frames and office space to plan an optimal office day. Team office days for an entire department can be scheduled to bring teams together regularly and enhance interactions. To maximize employee experience, we are currently working on a feature that enables employees to filter for desks depending on specific criteria, e.g. workplace in quiet zone.

Full transparency and detailed analytics

Yoffix provides your team with valuable data insights and full transparency on space utilization - by days or weeks. With our on-demand #heatmaps you can analyze office utilization on desk level, winning great insights to make your office more comfortable and efficient. Yoffix dashboard also considers all desk bookings made over MS Teams.
Find out more about our heatmaps feature here: https://www.yoffix.com/blog-posts/new-feature-office-heat-maps

Don’t miss your booking with automated reminders

Yoffix sends friendly reminders to employees’ MS Teams accounts to ensure they don’t forget about booked desks and coffee meetings with colleagues on the following day. We also provide you with summaries that give employees an overview of who will be in which office tomorrow to facilitate meetups.

Office check-in

Your office is always booked out but barely anyone shows up?
Optimize your office capacity and team discipline by introducing an office check-in with Yoffix. Employees simply have to confirm or cancel their bookings on office days and Yoffix provides you with great office statistics in return. 

Read more about the Check-in feature here: https://www.yoffix.com/blog-posts/new-feature-office-check-in

‍2-click Set-Up

Our stress-free and easy-to-handle setup that requires two clicks enables employees to get started directly and become familiar with the Yoffix integration.

Click here to watch a tutorial on how to use Yoffix within MS Teams:

Book a demo and start your free trial: https://www.yoffix.com/book-a-demo