💥 Release - Workplace Attributes for your perfect office day

25. Januar 2024

25. Januar 2024

25. Januar 2024

Have you ever wandered the office in search of the perfect desk for your needs, only to settle for whatever was available?

Yoffix is ready to put an end to these challenges! We are thrilled to unveil an exciting upgrade that will simplify workspace navigation even further – introducing Attributes. With Attributes, you can now add descriptions and equipment to your desks or rooms and use them to find workspaces tailored to your needs when making a booking.

This feature ensures that every booking aligns perfectly with your requirements. Whether you're seeking a height-adjustable desk, prefer a workspace with dual monitors, or require a dog-friendly environment, Attributes simplify the search process, ensuring that employees can effortlessly locate the perfect spot for their needs.

Check our HelpCenter to learn how to create Attributes and use them in your bookings.

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