New Feature: Parking Slots Booking

30. September 2022

30. September 2022

30. September 2022

Getting to work on time is easy, but finding an available parking spot can be a real challenge!

Say goodbye to starting your work day with frustration — with Yoffix, you can reserve a parking slot together with your desk.

To make parking spots available for your team to book, you can easily add them to your office using the Yoffix office builder — the same way you create desks in your office spaces. Similarly to desks, parking spots can be made available for everyone or restricted to a specific person or department.

The booking process is intuitive: select a parking spot when you make your booking for the day by checking the “add parking spot” box which appears when you click on your office.

The parking spot feature is already available in our desk top application as well as in MS Teams, allowing for a seamless booking process.

Check it out next time you make a booking!

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