New feature: Office Heat Maps 🔥❄️

28. Februar 2022

28. Februar 2022

28. Februar 2022

More office analytics for smarter decisions

Create an office that makes sense and motivates people to work together.

The new insightful heat maps feature of yoffix helps you analyze office utilization and capacity on a desk level. Every office has unpopular seats and meaningless areas that deserve a redesign.

Make the most of your office by identifying unused spaces and seats and transforming them into collaboration spaces, meeting rooms, or a chill-out lounge for more social interaction.

Smart heat map reports provide you with the transparency needed to make the right data-driven office decisions that fit best your team’s office needs. Small adjustments such as replacing unused desks with a plant-filled chillout area with a coffee machine can upgrade the whole office experience and motivate your whole team to meet up in the new office.

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