New feature: Office check-in 🔥🚀

6. Februar 2022

6. Februar 2022

6. Februar 2022

Efficient workspace use thanks to office check-in

Are you familiar with this scenario? Your entire office is booked out, but only half of the employees that booked seats are showing up. This not only blurs your office utilisation statistics but also hinders other employees that are keen about actually going to the office to book seats.

Make the most out of your office by instilling a habit of booking seats thoughtfully and sticking to schedules. Activate your employees to either confirm or cancel their office attendance to have a better overview of who is using their booked seats.

With the seamlessly integrated Office “Check-in” yoffix feature in your Slack application checking in will be easier than ever before. Yoffix sends you a notification about your booked seats and you simply click on either “confirm” or “cancel”. The message also informs you about other colleagues joining the office on the same day, to facilitate meetups and reminds you of the booked time frame and office space.

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