Employee Branding for Hybrid Organizations

20. Februar 2023

20. Februar 2023

20. Februar 2023

People are ready to live their jobs, boomers are leaving, and the generation Z is entering the workforce.

According to Gartner 2022 trends, 75% of hybrid or remote workers agree that their expectations for working flexibly have risen, and if their organizations were to come back to the office, 39% would prefer to quit. 🧐 Expectations of both employees and employers have changed dramatically in the hybrid workplace and a human-centric culture that puts people in the centre of the hybrid work strategy is needed.

Re think standard approaches with these top 7 employee branding strategies:
1. Define and promote your companies’ NewWork values
2. Offer the best flexible work experience
3. Bring employees together to strengthen social bonds, team spirit and corporate culture
4. Intensify communication in a hybrid set-up
5. Build a culture of trust and performance
6. Establish transparent feedback and reward system
7. Find new ways to motivate you “hybrid” employees

In this post we will zoom-in on both first points based on our experience working with hundreds hybrid organizations across Europe.

💙 Define and promote your companies’ NewWork values

As the world evolves, so does the way we work. Job candidates are increasingly rejecting traditional office environments and they are actively looking for NewWork-friendly companies. 81% of job seekers prefer to “work from anywhere”. (Flexible Working Index 2023) Thus, offering NewWork values as part of your company’s value proposition will help you win the best talent!

The first step to defining your NewWork values is to define what you are willing to offer:

  • Flexibility level: To what extend employees are free to decide on their work place & time?

  • Inclusion for hybrid/remote employees: How to make chances equal both for on-site and remote workers?

  • Hybrid/remote experience: How to ensure best productive work environment for your hybrid employees?

  • WorkFromAnywhere: Are you ready to offer this option to your new and existing hires?

  • Attendance & communication rules: Will your company define office attendance rules or new communication options?

  • Employees’ well-being: What is your plan to take care of employees well-being be it in the office or in home-offices?

💙 Offer the best flexible work experience

Work became so much more flexible both in terms of workplaces (“where?”) and times (“when?"). So how could you create the best flexible workplace experience that would make your employees happy and empower your organization?

Enable people to come back together and ensure productive office days with these practical tips

Agree on attendance policy. Align with your team the minimal number of days they should attend the office and set the number of days they could work remotely. Decide if WorkFromAnywhere is also part of your offer and if yes – how many days/weeks per year employees can work from another city/country? (check tax/legal implications)

Agree on working hours. Set times and define when employees should work in synchrony (core hours) and when they can have a flexible schedule. Allow your employees to manage their time! Ideally, enable employees to see the working hours of other team members to communicate accordingly.

Customize office use. Enable employees to book desks, meeting rooms, phone booths, parking slots, and other office equipment. This will help employees to plan their perfect office day and will motivate them to return to the office. Check who should keep a private seat.

Offer the best booking experience. Allow people to simply book in advance not only complete days but also hours through different platforms: desktop, mobile, Slack, or MS Teams. Strengthen flexible planning! Book flexibly and manage booking changes to coordinate with coworkers.

Use data to optimize space. Understand real space utilization through office check-in and attendance analytics. Optimize your office space smartly to adjust it further to a hybrid set-up (e.g. use heatmaps to decide on office fit-out or renovation).

Profit from full transparency. Allow employees to easily check who will be when in the office and find the desired working space and enable a transparent occupation function. Employees have a higher motivation for office days when they know they’ll meet coworkers!

Simplify hybrid work and offer the best smart experience to your hybrid teams with Yoffix! 💙

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