Product release 27.02.24 - Yoffix Workspace Zones & Enhanced Team Events

Product release 27.02.24 - Yoffix Workspace Zones & Enhanced Team Events

New Functionalities Include:

  • Workspace Zones: Yoffix users can now organize their office floors into zones with distinct names, colors, and tags, optimizing space usage and team dynamics. Zones can be designated as available only to specific teams or set as unavailable for booking, offering unparalleled control over office space allocation.

  • Enhanced Team Events: The platform has upgraded its team event booking capabilities. Users can book an entire workspace zone for a group, select all members within their team for a booking, and even set team events as repeatable. This feature simplifies the process of organizing team collaborations and meetings.

  • Smart Seat Selection in Zones: In a significant leap forward, users can now book by workspace zone rather than specific seats. Yoffix will automatically assign the best available seat within the selected zone, ensuring optimal space utilization and convenience.

  • Tags for Rooms and Space Screen Display: Rooms can now be tagged for easier identification and categorization, with these tags displayed prominently in the Space Screen. This addition allows users to quickly find the space that best suits their needs.

  • Improved Seat Selection in Calendar Booking: The process of choosing a seat during calendar booking has been refined for a more user-friendly experience, enabling smoother and more intuitive booking.

Check our updated tutorials to learn how to use new features: