💥 Release - Yoffix mobile version with major upgrade 🚀

22 juillet 2023

22 juillet 2023

22 juillet 2023

Release: Mobile Version 💥💥💥

In today’s fast-paced work environment, flexibility is vital. Our responsive mobile version of the Yoffix desktop app is here to meet your evolving needs!

The mobile version mirrors the functionality of the desktop app, ensuring a smooth transition between platforms. It is available on iOS and Android, as well as in MS Teams. You can still enjoy all the familiar features, including easy desk and room reservation, detailed high-quality floor plans, and coordination with your colleagues. We have also taken it a step further by introducing an option to book multiple different statuses on the same day. Whether you like to work from home in the morning, need a collaborative area for brainstorming sessions in the afternoon, or require a quiet workspace in the evening, our mobile version has you covered.


  • Even better coordination with teammates

  • Easily find your desk in the office

  • Easily find your colleagues in the office

  • Granular breakdown of your and your colleagues’ schedules by hour

  • Mobile check-in in MS Teams

  • SSO

  • Integrated customer support

  • Access to user profile settings on mobile, including privacy settings

Thanks to our responsive design, the mobile version ensures optimal performance across various devices and screen sizes. You are now able to use features like SpaceScreen that were previously only available in the desktop version on your phone, so you can access a full overview of your office on the go.

Stay productive, organized, and in control no matter where your work takes you!